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About Emaginations Inc

We are a creative team with vast expertise in experiential marketing. We aim to establish a sustainable creative ecosystem that provides the most creative solution in the most limited time span. Our key forte is concept, design, production and most importantly innovation.

Tony Stephen, the Founder and Director has always been a passionate thinker and wanted to bring-in innovative concepts that are special and soulful to the customers’ events. With that thought of constant search for standing out carves the path to the creation of  ‘Emaginations’, the brand was born while he was pursuing his graduation.

He pursued his event management degree to ace his skills in the creative field.

After years of deliberation, Tony Stephen decided to bring ‘Emaginatons’ back to life in 2017 with support from his better half, Punitha Tony Stephen. A start-up with its core identity Creative gene’ believes in creating the ground-breaking and soulful concepts in every aspect of a clients’ event. Today, the Company is making waves in the industry with its special focus on organising most innovative and out of the box experiences

With  just two of them – Tony Stephen and his wife drove the initial days of creating this family called EMAGINATIONS which is now a 20 member dedicated team in two cities – Bangalore and Mumbai, with operations in Delhi,Pune, HYDERABAD, Chennai, Kolkata. The team has more than 100 man years of experience and some of the individuals in the team have been veterans in the field creating some epic events.

There was no looking back since 2017. We have always had busy schedules with some great events coming our way ranging from corporate events like music festivals, annual days, product launches to some more personalised events like Celebrity weddings and high profile social events.

Some of the notable events that we undertook in the recent past were, annual celebrations of The British High Commission in New Delhi and an eco-friendly wedding for a Sandalwood Celebrity couple.

What started small, is today a well-known event start-up in the industry. We aim to spread our wings into the varied fields within the event industry. We want to grow exponentially and want to establish our presence in other parts of the world which will be a significant feather in our cap. We are taking small steps at a time to achieve our goal.

We curate experiences that last for life

Create an ingenious impression, let the Emaginations begin